Viking Picture Perfect Event


Over the summer I was lucky enough to be invited to the Viking Picture Perfect event in the oh so Instagrammable Botanist in Newcastle City Centre. Famed for its extensive yet delicious cocktail menu, gorgeous interiors and just the place to get that perfect selfie or Instagram photo, The Botanist seemed like the ideal venue for such an event to take place.

A number of bloggers from across Newcastle and surrounding areas attended where we ate, drank, mingled, but also managed to learn a thing or two.

Led by the Viking team and the pro photographer who was able to equip us with some necessary basics, Elouise Georgiou, we managed to get out of our comfort zones with our cameras and get on learning all that they have to offer.

Whether you came with your trusty iPhone or the latest SLR, it really didn’t matter as there was something for everyone.

So many times we spend all this money on getting the latest gear but in the end, we have no idea! Cameras, and even phones nowadays have so much to offer when it comes to photography, yet most of us never make it out of automatic. Adding a #filter, is the most creative we get.



Elouise ran through so basic principles when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone and flicking that switch from automatic to manual.

We were tasked with a range of activities throughout the evening in order to really get used to what being on manual can do. It’s all about getting to grips with your camera and being confident in how you use it, but most importantly enjoying it too.

We went through aspects such as shutter speed, ISO, lighting, aperture and flatlays in order to capture that perfect image and understand how these all work together.

I particularly enjoyed flatlays as I guess that is what I tend to do more of. Using a tripod is recommended for these and not being afraid of closeness with the products as too much negative/empty space isn’t always that easy on the eye.



It was fun to get in a new environment and just start snapping away. It was a great opportunity to try out new things whilst having the professional there in case we got ourselves a little stuck!

Thanks to Viking for putting on such a great event!

For more info check out Elouise’s website, follow Viking on Twitter @viking_chat and check out everything you could need office wise on their website


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