Oil Obsessed Cleansing

Oil Obsessed Cleansing 1


I do love a good cleanser and I have banged on about my favourites numerous times (Liz Earle, The Body Shop, etc, etc) but recently I found a new favourite to add to my list thanks to Bare Minerals!

I cleanse every day and find an oil or cream cleanser paired with a muslin cloth, by far the best way to remove my makeup. I have normal to combination skin and find an oil leaves my skin super soft and nourished, not greasy at all. It always feels really luxurious, like I’m being really good and giving my skin a little treat at the end of the day which in fact only takes me a couple of minutes!

The Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil from Bare Minerals is something I have actually been stealing from mum… She recently had a personal shopping sesh with Debenhams and as part of it got to have a mini beauty makeover. She went for Bare Minerals and they used loads of amazing products and gave such a great service. The cleansing oil was just one of the products she came home with and it is uh-mazing.

Oil Obsessed Cleansing 2 Oil Obsessed Cleansing 3


It smells utterly gorgeous, just like being in a spa (it’s infused with Lavender and Tangerine). You only need a couple of pumps onto dry skin, then add a little water, and it removes my makeup so quickly. I use over my eyes to remove eye makeup too which is always something I look for when it comes to cleansing. It’s really gentle, does the job, leaves my skin super smooth and always reminds me of being in a spa; is there anything else needed from a cleansing oil?? So if there is a gap in your skincare routine for an oil cleanser then I suggest checking this one out.

It’s not often that it’s me pinching things from mum to use but I don’t see this once stopping anytime soon…. #sorrynotsorry

sheworechic xx

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