Pamper Time with Dermalogica

Pamper Time with Dermalogica 1


I am not quite sure what my skin is playing at right now. Normally I have been lucky, I tend to escape major problems i.e. breakouts and sensitivity. However, over the last year I’d say my skin has decided to do whatever the hell it wants – not exactly helpful. Sensitivity wise I am fine, but I do tend to get more breakouts than I used to; whether this is down to diet or stress, I am not quite sure but I definitely don’t feel as good about my skin as I once did (insert sad emoji here!)

I always take care of my skin; cleanse every night, make up off every night, face masks weekly, makeup brushes cleaned regularly, moisturise, etc, etc.

So my very lovely friend Leanne, who also happens to be a rather fantastic Beautician (see her website here) offered to give me a little pamper treat in the form of a Dermalogica Facial.

The session lasted for an hour and boy was it a good hour! I could have quite easily fell asleep wrapped up in that warm bed and stayed there all flippin day!

Pamper Time with Dermalogica 2


The facial consisted of:

  • A full consultation
  • Face mapping and skin analysis
  • Double cleansing
  • Exfoliation Masque
  • Toning and skin protection
  • Aftercare and homecare

The facial was tailored to my personal skincare needs which was great and obviously means you get more for your money. For me we looked at hydrating my skin to give it a little glow back and sort out some of my prone areas for breakouts such as my jaw line.

I was given a few samples to take home too so I could see which products I enjoyed using. I haven’t used loads from the Dermalogica range so far but what I have, I have loved. I am currently using the Age Smart Eye Cream which has a gorgeous texture to it; it absorbs so quickly and feels really gentle around my eye area; I definitely recommend this one.

They have a huge range of products so you can find the right ones for you and if you are unsure, even more of a reason to book in for a facial, try some out and spend your money wisely.

My skin felt seriously pampered after my facial and blemishes were less obvious which was exactly what I wanted to see! So no matter how much you look after your skin, every now and then I would suggest letting someone else do the hard work and book in for a Dermalogica facial so you can give yourself that much needed hour of ‘me’ time.

Find out more about Dermalogica here.

sheworechic xx

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