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Treating yourself to some new beauty or skincare is a great ‘pick me up’ and I love trying out new products and brands that I wouldn’t normally opt for.

So when Cougar Beauty contacted me asking if I would like to review some products, obviously I jumped at the chance!

A couple of things first about the brand that I really liked. All of the products and packaging are manufactured in the UK, and sourced locally, therefore doing their bit for the environment and the UK manufacturing industry! Also they are cruelty free and do not test on animals which something that many more of us are looking into nowadays. Find out more here.

It will come as no surprise that the first product I chose to review was a liquid lipstick, the Individual 24hr Liquid Lipstick to be precise which costs just £6.99. Liquid Lipsticks are always my lip product of choice and in my eyes, the bolder the better!

I picked up the shade Calypso – a kinda orangey red shade. The packaging and applicator were great; pretty standard for a liquid lipstick – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

It applies really well and has great pigmentation; a good, solid bit of colour which was buildable too; I loved this shade of red and would definitely wear on a daily basis. It lasted pretty well through food; the only downside that I noticed was that it felt quite sticky on my lips which isn’t something I usually find with a liquid lipstick as they are quite mattifying. It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable just not what I expected; I tend to avoid anything too sticky as my lips dry out quite quickly and this tends to speed up the dryness!

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Face masks are another product that I like to test out; I love skincare and always take care of my skin when it comes to this. A face mask is a great addition that I use once or twice a week to really get rid of those gross bits and make my skin look a little cleaner and much more glowy!

I went for the Wild Caviar Purifying Face Mask; I never thought I would use a Caviar face mask but hey I am always up for trying something new! I had the Wild Caviar Purifying Face Mask which aims to stimulate cell regeneration. First off let me mention the smell of this; it is actually really nice! I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this has a lovely, clean, floral scent to it that I liked. The consistency is quite thin; a good choice if you have sensitive I’d say and prefer lighter products on your face.

I really liked using this one however I know that I always prefer a thicker mask, like a clay or charcoal one. I did find this one left my skin super soft and it felt clean which was great and the whole point of me using a mask in the first place so I will gladly carry on with this one alongside a thicker one.

Cougar Beauty has a range of products including makeup, skincare, fragrance and gifts; check out Cougar Beauty and their other products here.

sheworechic xx

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