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New Specs! 1


I tend to wear my specs/glasses/eyeglasses whatever you want to call them, most days, as hey, they aren’t exactly cheap so I like to get my money’s worth; plus faffing with contacts at 6.30am every morning takes away from my sleep time so that’s just a no go.

I do wear contacts and really love wearing them as I quite happily chop and change between lenses and specs throughout the month, I just find specs quicker and easier to throw on first thing on a morning.

So I do like to really take my time when picking a pair of new glasses as I wear them most days and so I want them to be just as much of a fashion accessory in my outfit as they are to help me see!

I tend to go for quite bold frames as I feel they suit my face shape better and have never bought glasses online before. So when Glasses Shop contacted me asking if I would like to choose a lovely new pair of specs to try out, I happily accepted! I think it’s so great that glasses are much more important in a fashion sense now, as they previously have been. So many designers and brands release glasses now and there are amazing ranges of styles, shapes and designs so that someone can really pick a pair that they love.

As I said, I have never ordered glasses online before so this was a first for me. I admit it is harder to choose them online as I do quite like to try them on and feel their weight.

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Once you have found the pair you like you enter your details and requirements and that is pretty much it; mine arrived absolutely fine through the post in a clear case with a cloth. They are a little too loose on me so I do need to get them tightened slightly but that’s it; obviously when buying frames in person it is easier to get them measured appropriately. not only do glasses but prescription sunglasses too for men, women and children. They have a section on their site to give you tips on which types of frames are best to suit certain face shapes and you can still pick a pair even if you need bifocals, progressive or single vision.

They are also really price friendly too which is great as needing glasses can cost a small fortune once you add up prescriptions, tests, lenses and frames.

I opted for this style because I like the tortoise shell frames and I usually go for full frames so thought I would try half frames out to get a slightly different look. I chose the Clifford Wayfarer in Tortoise  and I am super happy with them! They are definitely my style and I think they suit me pretty well! You can opt for the frame only or add lenses, and they give you the dimensions so can check whether they fit your face ok!

There are so many designs, shapes, styles and colours to choose from so if you love having glasses that really add to your outfit and style then I would definitely suggest checking out Glassesshop.

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Use coupon code GSHOT50 to receive 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

sheworechic xx

*Items in this post were gifted but as ever it is my own, honest opinion

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