Still Loving The Backpack

Still Loving The Backpack 1


If you read my blog you will remember when I first purchased this beauty (see post here); I was undecided for so long about whether to get one; would I look like I was back at school, was a it just a trend thing or did I actually want one, and when the heck would I even use it!?

Well it turns out that I did actually one want, I use it blooming loads (work, travel, random days out) and I don’t really care if I look like I’m going back to school if I’m honest!

SO I wanted to do a little OOTD update to show that I still love my backpack and if you too are wondering whether it is the right purchase for you then I would take the plunge as I haven’t looked back! Well strictly that isn’t true, I have looked back and thought damn! How the hell did I cope without one!

I am really glad I went for this style of backpack as it is much more me and I have had so so many compliments on it! The colour works with my wardrobe and I like the sturdiness of it so it always keeps it shape. I have used this so much for travelling this year and it is big enough fit all of my necessities in but not so big I feel like I am back in year 7, about 3 feet high having to carry a backpack containing my PE kit, Food Technology Kit and every English book under the sun all on the same day…

As this bag is smarter than your average backpack I can use it more than I thought I would so everything from travelling, to blogger events in London or just random shopping trips. So if you are looking for the perfectly chic backpack then I suggest this one and as it is only £25 there is no guilt attached, trust me.

Still Loving The Backpack 2 Still Loving The Backpack 3 Still Loving The Backpack 4 Still Loving The Backpack 5 Still Loving The Backpack 6


BackpackRed Herring at Debenhams

Jumper – Asda George (similar here)

JeansTopshop Lucas

BootsTruffle from ASOS

sheworechic xx

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