Maybelline Haul

Maybelline Haul 1


Is it just me or does all of your makeup and skincare run out at the same time?! I swear mine is like clockwork; one thing runs out and within a week my entire go to makeup pieces or skincare is all out which isn’t exactly helpful to my bank balance! Hello Advantage Card points….

So this happened last month, as it usually does, and I was in desperate need of my brow pencil, concealer and foundation. You may notice from this photo that a matte lipstick also made its way into my shopping bag but hey I’m hardly going to go against a Boots offer am I?!

I ended up picking everything from Maybelline to coincide with the offer and ensure that I and my bank balance didn’t fall out for long.

When it comes to Brows I either use the Sephora Brow Pencil or this one, the Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil in Medium Brown at £5.99. I like the waxy pencil and find it does the job well without any faffing around; great for an everyday product. See a previous review here.

The foundation and concealer were new purchases for me. When it comes to foundation, lately I have been looking for ones in a plastic tube packaging (I didn’t realise how many come in glass bottles!!) so it does narrow my search slightly which isn’t great. The main reason for this is travelling; a plastic tube is lighter and sturdier when travelling so I have been sticking to this requirement for a while now.

Maybelline Haul 2


The Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation in 105 Natural Ivory at £5.99. It is a liquid foundation for normal to oily skin which I found blended in well with either a brush or sponge and is a medium coverage. The shade range isn’t great and I am not certain I picked the right shade for me, this one is slightly too pale but it is a good everyday choice when you want something light on your skin and more of the no makeup, makeup look. I would say I still prefer Max Factor when it comes to foundation as I prefer something a little heavier than this one for certain looks but like I said a good travel and everyday choice.

Concealer wise I tried another new one for my stash, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade 10 at £5.99. I am a fan of this one; I like the packaging and the applicator as I find these apply best and it gives a good amount of coverage on both dark circles and blemishes. I would definitely repurchase this one again.

Ok so yeah a lipstick ended up in my bag too like I mentioned but if you have read my blog before you will know of my obsession for matte lips and I always struggle to find a decent nude matte lip; I find the darker shades, reds and berries, are really well pigmented and work brilliantly as a matte but not so much luck with the lighter shades. But I am happy to report that I love this one! It is easy to apply, a really nice consistency without being drying and the pigmentation is really good; I get a good amount of coverage and colour, and so far this is probably my favourite nude matte, high five to Maybelline! I picked up the shade Nude Thrill at £6.99.

So there you have it, my much needed Maybelline haul! Any recommendations for alternatives to any of these then let me know!

sheworechic xx

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