Lashes with a side of Va Va Voom!

Lashes with a side of Va Va Voom! 1

Ok excuse the cheesy title but this beauty is just somthing else!

Mascara is my one makeup item that I would save over everything else; my lashes are pretty fair so for me having a bold coat of mascara does wonders for my overall makeup look and stops me from looking pretty damn rough/tired, well for most of the time anyway.

My lashes are not only fair but not overly long so I like a mascara to give length and definition; I don’t tend to wear falsies much, not for any particular reason but unless it was a real special occasion I just wouldn’t bother.

So step aside and make way for the drugstore mascara that really does give my lashes that va va voom/wow factor that I am always looking for.

The L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale Mascara is one I picked up last month and boy is it rocking my boat. I am fussy with mascaras and I think for most of us we know in the first stroke or two whether the mascara is for us. I like a plastic brush that isn’t too thin but a decent length so I can get to those teeny lashes at the end too.

Lashes with a side of Va Va Voom! 2


This mascara is possibly a little more wet than I usually go for but I think it is one of those where the more I use it and it dries out a little, the better it becomes.

I was a fan of this one straight away; the brush is perfect and really easy to manage when applying. The colour is very black on my lashes and it gives them such a good length and definition; they look a lot fuller and do start to have that false lash look. If you want dark, bold lashes then this is the product you need to add to your makeup stash.

sheworechic xx

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