The Super Serum and Spritz

The Super Serum and Spritz  1


I am quite lucky with my skin; I can try a range of products and my skin adapts well, I rarely get any reactions or breakouts so I do tend to change my skincare depending on my mood and what’s on offer. My skin is combination; sometimes there is a bit of oil going on, and other times its super dry.

I have been trying out two products both from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug that are both super purse friendly and do a decent job; a combination I am always a fan of!

The Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum is a firm favourite in my skincare regime now as I am on my second bottle of the stuff. It lasts really well, I usually use one pump and apply morning and night before my moisturiser. It aims to ‘defend the skin against environmental damage’ which is especially great for when I am on my travels.

The packaging is lightweight and the pump is a nice addition as I find it less messy and easier to establish how much of the product I am using. My skin loves this stuff; it drinks its up! It is really light, absorbs quickly, non-greasy and smells very fresh. I find it really wakes me up when I apply first thing on a morning and honestly my skin saps it all up! A serum is the part of my skincare I actually enjoy doing! Oh and did I mention its only £3.99 for 50ml?!

If you are looking for a fresh, lightweight serum that gives a nice base for a moisturiser then I really recommend this one, as I said I am already on my second bottle and we all know that a repurchase is the true sign of a favourite product!

The Super Serum and Spritz  2


Also from the range I picked up the Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist. Now I will be honest, I don’t know if this does much in terms of toning but it is a really nice step to introduce to your skincare regime and very good for using throughout the day. I apply at the end of my skincare routine, just adding a few sprays, I also use after I have applied my makeup as a kind of setting spray and throughout the day to keep my face hydrated.

I really like this product because again the packaging is great; it’s lightweight and I can see how much I using; with both products they last really well. It is super refreshing to use especially on those warmer days and smells really fresh too; it is a nice pick me up! Plus for 150ml it will set you back a mere £2.99.

The Super Serum and Spritz  3


If you are new to both serums and toning mists then I would highly recommend trying this first; purse friendly; easy to use and for me they do a good job!

sheworechic xx

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