New Look Sale Order…

New Look Sale Order... 1

So the sales have hit and to be honest I don’t even try to pretend I have the will power to buy nothing, even though my bank balance encourages this idea. Plus in my defense, summer stuff is lacking in my wardrobe as I am definitely one who prefers to dress for autumn, so my summer wardrobe gets a little neglected at times.

I have lost far too many hours looking at various websites for the best sale bargains and finally made a New Look order; I spent around £45 and got a maxi dress, denim skirt, denim shorts, a bodysuit and some sunglasses; pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

When it comes to the maxi dresses many of them are far too long; this one was no different but with heels it is fine and I can always take it up an inch or so. This floral maxi was reduced from £22.99 to £13 and I am really glad I bought it. I like the tie at the waist and the wrap across the bust; it can be glammed up really easily and worn for a special occasion or relaxed down with flip flops; for the price there are no complaints! There is a slit up the side of the leg which I find quite flattering and the material is super comfortable.

I also picked these sunglasses up for £8; I don’t tend to spend a lot on sunglasses as I also need prescription ones so would rather splash my cash there if I’m honest. Mine are all black so I wanted something a little more fun and summer inspired!

New Look Sale Order... 2 New Look Sale Order... 3 New Look Sale Order... 4 New Look Sale Order... 5 New Look Sale Order... 6 New Look Sale Order... 7 New Look Sale Order... 8

New Look Sale Order... 9 New Look Sale Order... 10

Look out for the next lot of ‘Sale Outfits’ soon!

DressNew Look

Sunglasses – New Look (similar here)

Shoes – Primark

sheworechic xx


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