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I love Kiko; it’s one of those places that I have to go into every time I pass a store as that isn’t actually too often, and yes I obviously come out with a purchase every time. I just get excited every time as I know there will be something to catch my eye and a product I absolutely have to have.

I have tried most things beauty wise (mascara, eye shadow, concealer, powder, lipstick) but I’m still yet to try any of their skincare so that may be next on my list!

I managed to get a few things in the sale so the whole lot came to a ridiculously cheap £12ish.

Eye Liner – I picked up another of the Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Khol pencils, this time in the shade 713, a metallic bronze/brown shade; I already have it in a dark brown which I use pretty much every day. These are such good liners; I like that they are a twist up instead of sharpen, they apply easily and are good for smudging too! A really easy everyday look, definitely recommended!

Lips – First up it was a lip pencil from one of the Smart Lip Pencils in the shade 702 a flipping gorgeous coral shade; I have been on the hunt for a coral lip colour for a while but yet to find exactly what I want so opted for a liner instead, any recommendations please comment below!! I like the Kiko liners as they are quite matte and look great on their own or topped up with lipstick.

Next to land gracefully into my basket were two of the Lip Gloss Pencils in the shades 07 Baby Pink (didn’t realise at the time that I already have this one at home! Always better to have a backup thought, right?!) and 08 Natural Pink. I love these products; even though they say gloss they aren’t that glossy at all which I really like; no stickiness or 90s vibes going on here! They are quite natural on the lips, feel really comfortable to wear and just add a little shine to your colour; a great everyday choice. Big thumbs up for these.

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Kiko are always so good for value and quality plus their new releases are always great too with amazing packaging and just beautiful shades/colours to choose from in products. If you want to overhaul your makeup stash without breaking the bank then definitely check out Kiko.

sheworechic xx

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One thought on “Kiko Treats

  1. I’m really new to Kiko but so far I’m loving their lip products! Their smart lip pencil in Pearly Pink Peony is really wonderful to put under a lipstick because it adds a shimmer to a lipstick! The eyeliners you mention sound great too, perhaps next on my list 😀

    Paris xx