Faking It: The Tan Edit

Faking It: The Tan Edit 1


To say I am pale is an understatement, I think I’d give old Casper the ghost a run for his money to be honest. Now I’m not complaining too much as I like the look in the colder months; there is something about pale skin, dark hair and a red lip that I really love.

But when summer hits? It’s all change and considering I don’t tan naturally too much I have to fake it till I make it.

I’ve tried quite a few tans in my time but the one I always gravitate back to is the No.7 Perfectly Bronzed Self Tan Quick Dry Tinted Lotion – bit of a mouth full there!

I like this one because it is a wear off one, applies easily and builds well; I tend to apply daily until I get the colour that I want, then one day on one day off, ensuring I keep up with the moisturising! It usually takes 3/4 days for me to get to the colour I want.

The tan does have a slight biscuity smell to it but to be honest trying to find a tan that doesn’t is pretty tough, and this one isn’t too overpowering.

I use a mitt to apply as it stops my hands from looking tangoed and helps to keep things streak free.

When it comes to moisturising I am not too fussy but I do really like the new moisturisers from the Derma Spa Range from Dove, they smell uh-mazing!

An exfoliator is always a good choice when tanning as it helps to keep things looking even. Again I am not too fussy but I do love love love this Cranberry Body Polish from The Body Shop; their cranberry scents is one of my favourites but they only bring it out at Christmas so I have to stock up!! You can get the exfoliator in other scents all year round though, and they all smell pretty damn delicious! Similar here.

Tanning doesn’t have to be tricky; once you find the one you like whether that is a lotion, gel, cream or mousse then stick with it. Exfoliate and moisturise to keep your tanning going for as long as possible and because tanning can dry out your skin. And it goes without saying, protect yourself with SPF when out in the sun!

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