The Eyeliner and Mascara I’m Reaching For

The Eyeliner and Mascara I’m Reaching For 1


As I have just come back from America and had a lovely little Sephora Haul, obviously, (read the post here) and so I have a new mascara to try but right now, and leading up to my trip, I have been loving these two products from Kiko.

Kiko as ever is reliable, purse friendly and has some amazing products to choose from. I always enjoy shopping in there as there is a good shade range to most things and it is easy to test and try out products.

I have always been a fan of Kiko mascaras and tried a few so it made sense to go back and get another when my others ran out. I wanted to try a new one so went for the Ultra Tech Curve Curling Mascara in Black.

The Eyeliner and Mascara I’m Reaching For 2


My lashes are ok in length but annoyingly super straight so I need a hell of a lot of help in the curl and volume department. I know waterproof is always best for a curl but sometimes I simply cannot be bothered to spend that extra time removing it so tend to go for non-waterproof on those lazy days.

I really like this mascara so far; the brush is a good size for me with a slight curve but not too OTT, it’s not too wet and I find that is does lift and curl my lashes rather well. It’s not messy when applying; I have control over the brush and it gives a good coating. I would buy again and definitely recommend to others.

Eye liner wise I use both liquid and pencils, and as you know, I am a fan of anything I don’t have to sharpen. I usually go for black but thought I would give brown as whirl as it matches my eyes and can be a little softer sometimes instead of a bold black. Step up the Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Khol in 712.

The Eyeliner and Mascara I’m Reaching For 3 The Eyeliner and Mascara I’m Reaching For 4


I love love love this one! It applies really well, doesn’t drag on the eye and is has a good texture. It is creamy without being messy, gives me time to smudge if needed then stays put. It also has a little smudge bit on the other end which is good to use. For the price this is a really good purchase!

sheworechic xx

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2 thoughts on “The Eyeliner and Mascara I’m Reaching For

    1. You can get it from Kiko cosmetics online but they are opening more and more stores in the UK, there is one in Birmingham now. May be one in Nottingham? x