Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum

Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum 1


I must admit even though a serum isn’t a constant in my skincare regime, when I remember to actually buy one, I really enjoy using them. I apply before moisturiser and eye cream to help hydrate my skin and give a good base for my makeup.

As with moisturisers I am not too fussy which ones I use; I like to try a range especially if on offer. So I picked up the Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum for normal to dry skin as it was on offer and I didn’t have a serum in my routine at that time! For 50ml it is priced at £3.99 and so definitely purse friendly!

I am heading to America next week so wanted to start upping my skincare game beforehand as with long flights and travelling in general, your skin can really suffer. Plus as this is only 50ml I can take it with me on the flight and apply throughout.

Review: Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum 2


I really like this product; the packaging is great and perfect for travelling as it is plastic and lightweight. The pumps dispenses enough for my face with one pump but the product can fly out so be careful! It smells really fresh without a heavy scent and absorbs into my skin really quickly without leaving it feeling greasy. My skin feels softer and plumper afterwards and as it days it ‘defends skin from environmental damage’ it’s exactly what I am looking for with my upcoming travels.

There are so many products to choose from in this range so definitely give them a mooch next time you are in Superdrug.

sheworechic xx

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