New Haircare Additions

Last month I was very kindly treated to a cut and colour at the Theo Georgio Salon, Sutton Coldfield to celebrate their 10th birthday; you can read my full review here. I had such a lovely time and my hair was definitely treated, coming out feeling pretty damn good.

The lovely staff also gave me a few products to take home and try myself; you know what it’s like, the hairdresser always seems to make my hair feel ten times better than I do! So I gave these ago to see if I could recreate that salon perfect look at home.

I was given two products from the Kerastase range; the Bain Chroma Captive System Capture Shampoo for colour treated hair and the conditioning mask to match.

New Haircare Additions 1 New Haircare Additions 2


These are definitely more price-wise than my usual hair products but in all honesty, I could completely notice a difference. I think that is so important; if you are spending way above your usual amount you really want to see that you are getting more for your money, and with these that is the case.

You don’t need a lot so the products can really last; the shampoo goes on as normal then you apply the mask afterwards for about ten minutes.

When I had blow dried my hair it felt so much lighter, cleaner and softer, and there was a lot less frizz going on. I was pretty amazed by the difference to be honest. My hair felt like it wasn’t clogged with product hence feeling so light and clean, and it dried much straighter with less frizzy bits; therefore less straightening needed afterwards.

I am always sceptical about products that can be quite high in price but with these I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend giving a go if you want less frizzy hair that feels so much cleaner after just one wash.

sheworechic xx


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