First Impressions: Dove and Botanics

I am a fan of both of these brands; both offer good value for money, are accessible and just do what they state they will do; perfect eh!

Some products you just know instantly if you are a fan or not so I thought I would do a first impressions review on these two new beauties in my skincare regime.

With Dove I definitely notice a difference in my skin when using their products, especially when it comes to shower gel; if I switch and then go back to Dove my skin always feel softer when using any of the Dove shower gels. So when I ran out of my current body moisturiser and saw this new offering from Dove (and on offer too!) it made sense to give it a try. I picked the Derma Spa Goodness Body Lotion up from Boots which is currently on offer at a bargain £3.49.

The ‘Goodness’ products aims to deliver luminous and velvety soft skin with the body lotion containing omega oil too.

First Impressions: Dove and Botanics 1


I tried this the day I bought it and my first impressions were blooming marvellous! I love this product and after one use would recommend already! As I said with a brand like Dove I think you always know you will get products that are great and really moisturise but with this one I also loved the packaging, the texture is great and absorbs quickly so no greasiness, but in particular the smell is divine!! I would actually lug this bigger tube around when travelling just because I wouldn’t want to use anything else. The scent is so luxurious, fresh and clean; I really loved it, if you can’t tell already!

So if you are in need of a beautifully smelling, luxurious body moisturiser then give this a go!

Moving on to Botanics, another brand I have used previously and have never had any problems with. I went for the Cleansing Foam Wash All Bright as again it was on offer at only £1.99 and I tend to use a face wash both morning and night (I also always use either a cleansing oil or hot cloth cleanser on an evening to remove makeup) so wanted to try something new. I’ve said before I’m not too fussy when it comes to face washes as I like to try out new ones from time to time and this one is great, especially for the price. It’s for all skin types and left my skin clean and soft. It foams up slightly (just the right amount) and contains hibiscus too. The scent is fresh and slightly floral but nothing too over powering.

First Impressions: Dove and Botanics 2


So if you’re in need of a new body moisturiser and facial wash then I highly recommend these two after my first impressions!

sheworechic xx

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