The Over The Knee Boot

The Over The Knee Boot  1


So I finally purchased some OTK boots – if you know me you will know my obsession for all boots – I have far too many but I love and need them all, so adding the OTK boot to my collection was the logical next step, obviously!

I got these beauties from Miss Guided in the Black Friday Sale where I ended up getting them for an amazing £15!! They are black, suede effect with a slight slit at the back. They are so gorgeous and I am so glad I got them, plus they are far more comfortable to wear than I was expecting, always a bonus!!

They have a small zip on the side and I don’t find them too baggy around the leg which I did with others I tried.

They are a great style to have all year round and I like having the option of wearing tights/leggings/jeans or going bare. I like wearing with dresses but oversized shirts too, plus wearing with skinny jeans I find they flatter my legs too! Boots are my favourite kind of shoe as I find they instantly glam up any outfit and they are easy to wear. Yep I have fully justified my purchase….


The Over The Knee Boot  2

The Over The Knee Boot  3

The Over The Knee Boot  4


The Over The Knee Boot  5


Jacket – Primark

Shirt Dress – Primark

Boots – Miss Guided

Necklace – H&M

sheworechic xx

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