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I am not too fussy when it comes to skincare as I’ve said before; I like to try new products and always take a look at what’s new and what’s on offer!

Other than my absolute staples (a good cleansing lotion, step up Liz Earle and The Body Shop for that one) when it comes to moisturisers, serums and facial washes I am quite easy. So as my moisturiser recently ran out (my skincare all tends to run out at the same time which is rather annoying!), I headed to Superdrug for a look at their latest offers.

I went for a day cream and a night cream; both were on offer, both come in a tub and one is a cream, the other a gel.

For daytime: L’Oréal Triple Active Day (normal and combination skin). This is quite thick cream but does absorb well; I find it a nice base for my makeup. It has a fresh scent but isn’t too overpowering and I apply to the face and neck every morning. Like I said it is quite thick in texture and for this time of year I like that as I feel like it is protecting my skin against all the elements. My skin feels smooth and soft afterwards so if you are looking for something on budget, thick in consistency and smells lovely and fresh then give this one a try.

For night time: Garnier Moisture Restore Plus Night Care. So this comes in the form of a gel which isn’t what I would usually go for on a night time but this kinda works for me. It has a slight musky scent which is quite soothing and as it is a gel it absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I picked this up on offer from Superdrug for an amazing £1.95 so a serious bargain and for the price there is no complaining! I like the packaging on this product as it is really light, perfect for travelling.

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New On My Skincare Menu 3


So there you have it, two budget moisturisers that do the job rather well for the price! Affordable, accessible, done! J

sheworechic xx

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