Kissable Proof Lipstick

Kissable Proof Lipstick 1

So with New Year’s Eve just around the corner and many preparing to pucker up at midnight, I thought I would give you my ultimate recommendation in Kissable Proof Lipstick.

If you have read my blog before you won’t in any way be surprised with my recommendation, but hey if it’s not broke, why fix it!?

So if you are hoping to lock lips this NYE then my advice would be to go for the amazingly brilliant Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets on your pout.

I cannot rave about these enough and I recommend them to so many people! Great product at a great price and I will be repurchasing regularly! I have three shades, Happy Nude Year (a nude pink), Hot Pepper (a seriously bright red) and Frambourjoise (a gorgeous berry/pink shade). All are matte, easy to apply and stay put once on the lip.

I have tried other lip stains, many that are more expensive, and they just don’t come close to these. They look great but tend to smudge easily and the last thing you need on NYE is red lipstick smudged half way across your face; not exactly subtle…

The Bourjois ones really stay put and without doubt, I turn to these when I need something that won’t budge. At £8.99 you can’t go wrong and they are always adding new shades so get swatching and then get kissing!

sheworechic xx


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