Rocking The Winter Cape

Rocking The Winter Cape 1


If there is one item of clothing I could continue to buy more and more of it would be the coat; partly because I am cold 90% of the time, and partly because get the right one, and it can transform a look instantly. I love how many styles there are around now; no longer are the days of the choice being black or black; we now have colours, cuts, fabrics and prints to choose from, and quite frankly I can’t get enough.

So with this in mind I wanted to pick up a really nice cape (you know a relative of the coat family…) so I have even more to choose from when it’s flipping freezing, and let’s face it, that’s every day at the moment.

I picked this up on my recent holiday to Spain; I love finding bits abroad that aren’t available here in the UK and always go on the hunt for something so was very happy to stumble across this in a little boutique; it reminded me a little of the Burberry capes, only far less purse friendly! Don’t get me wrong it felt weird buying a winter cape in 30 degree heat but hey a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

This one is quite oversized and it doesn’t do up in anyway but I kinda like the throw on look! Plus wrap a belt around the middle if you want to keep it in one place. When it comes to a cape I like it to be a statement piece just like this one, that way I keep in simple with jeans, a jumper and boots; comfortable but still looks good; happy days.

Rocking The Winter Cape 2

Rocking The Winter Cape 3

Rocking The Winter Cape 4


Jeans – Topshop Leigh

Boots – Asos

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Scarf – H&M

sheworechic xx

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