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Now I am not one for spending too much time on my brows; I’m rather lazy and don’t quite have the patience with them. Having said that I do need to do the odd bit of maintenance to avoid the caterpillar look running across my forehead…

I tend to use a brow pencil as I find that easier to apply and I don’t want to overfill my brows; a little colour is just needed throughout, especially as I dye my hair now and it can look much darker than my natural brows!

I was using the Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil which I picked up in New York. I loved this product as it has a waxy, waterproof nib and you simply twist to get more product; I hate anything that requires sharpening. This lasts well and I found the colour suited however it is harder to get hold off and unfortunately I ran out *sobs*.

So I thought it about time I found something affordable and accessible. I picked up the Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil from Boots (priced £5.99, shade Medium Brown) not really knowing what to expect buy hey, Boots had 3 for 2 on makeup!

Budget Brows 2


Budget Brows 3


I am so impressed with this product! Again it has a pencil at one end which I simply twist for more product and at the other end there is sponge which goes into a shadow/powder to dab throughout. I have used both ends and really love it. It doesn’t overload my brows; I find that I have enough control when applying the product and it lasts.

So if you are looking for an affordable and accessible product to give your brows that little tlc and oomph, I would suggest adding this to your basket.

sheworechic xx

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