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Mac – George Asda, Dress – H&M, Shoes – c/o agnes and norman


I was recently contacted by agnes and norman letting me know about their amazing shoe collection. They very kindly offered to send me a pair of my choice to review; it didn’t take me long to find my perfect shoe!

Agnes and norman produce men and women’s shoes; all handmade and vintage inspired for everyday life. There is something for a special occasion and then the everyday shoe too, and it is really nice to see the men being catered for too.

If you are more of a handbag kinda person they sell those too, so something for everyone!

The shoes are designed in Birmingham and the women’s made in Spain and the men’s in India. I went for the Evie Navy Leather T-Bar Shoe as I am always a fan of navy and I wanted something that was a bit different.  I love the detail such as the gold chain on the centre and the heel size is good too; not too big, not too small. Personally I liked that the back of the shoes wasn’t too high up the ankle as I prefer something much lower which these were.

The leather has a slightly worn look to it already which just makes the shoes look even better; I could really see the quality of these shoes compared to cheaper shoes I have bought in the past. If it’s elegance and chic that you want, these are for you.

If you love the vintage look then you need to check out agnes and norman; whether it’s brogues, heels, men’s or women’s, there are plenty of gorgeous shoes to choose from.

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Get shopping!

sheworechic xx

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