Spring Scents

After the winter months it can be nice to change things up fragrance
wise; I tend to use the same collection which consists of my favourites and
rotate all year round. I personally am a fan of floral and fruity fragrances
that really last all day.
Spring calls for something a little lighter and less musky
than in those winter months so with that in mind, here are two scents which are
perfect for spring that you will always find in my collection.
Klein, CK In 2 U
– I have spoken about this one before not just because

of its gorgeous scent but also the price; you can pick up a 50ml bottle in
Boots for around £25. It has a mix of vanilla, bergamot and orchid notes that
really give that fresh, fruity and floral scent; there is also a male version


by Nina Ricci
– This has been a favourite in my collection for a while;

I love the packaging and currently have the 30ml size which is perfect for
travelling. Slightly more expensive than the Calvin Klein but equally gorgeous
and good value; I also find that along with the above, it really lasts.
These two fragrances will continue to stay in my collection
and they are perfect for the summer months too. If you are looking for a more
affordable fragrance that doesn’t compromise on quality and scent, I would definitely
recommend trying these two.


sheworechic xx

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