Makeup Inspiration – Berry

For this look I wanted to go for a pink/berry effect;
something bold but still soft at the same time.
I love this Kiko Lipstick I picked up in Florence; it’s a
gorgeous berry/purple colour with a hint of pink to soften it up. I lined my
lips first using my Kiko Lip Liner; it’s always best to do this when using a
dark lip colour. I lined the outside of my lips then filled them in slightly
with the liner, then lots of lippie on top. 


I wanted my face to be quite light so I used this Bourjois
Happy Light Foundation with a dusting of powder on top. The No 7 Highlighter is
a good one for those of you who are a bit scared of highlighting. It is easy to
apply, straight from the bullet or using your fingers first, I applied it to
the top of my cheekbones and in the inner corners of my eyes. It is also great
packaging to use when travelling.
I went for a more subtle look with the eyes, using purple
tones with the metallic eye shadow and purple eyeliner. 


Products used:
Happy Light Foundation 51 Vanilla Rose
Touche Eclat Concealer
No 7
Instant Radiance Highlighter
Company Powder 104
Blush 48 Ashes of Roses
Eye shadow 153 Metal Plum
Eye Liner 220
False Lashes Mascara (Black)
Kiko Lip
Liner 308
Lipstick 814
sheworechic xx


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