Makeup Inspiration – Daytime Chic

This makeup look is great for daytime and when you just want
a hint of colour without going overboard.
My base was again my usual including L’Oreal foundation,
Nars concealer, Kiko powder and Nars blusher. I really like this combination
for my base so I’m continuing to use them most days. 


For the eyes I wanted something subtle so I added a little
Maybelline Colour Tattoo eye shadow cream in 65 Pink Gold with a quick blend
and some black mascara.
For the lips I wanted to introduce more colour so once again
I turned to my Nars Digital World lip set and went for the satin lip pencil ‘Torres
Del Paine’. I love this shade as it is quite feminine and something I think
will work amazingly well in the spring; a gorgeous peachy pink colour.
So there you have it, quick and simple, a refreshing daytime
chic look.
sheworechic xx


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