Empty and repurchased

I know I talk about many products on here and sometimes it’s
really easy to change your mind about a product after a while. So I thought I would
show you a few products that I have finished and purchased again – the sign of
a really good buy! Some of these you will no doubt have heard me mention previously
The Body Shop
Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue
I have tried many foot creams and this is by far the best I
have used; I am just about to start my fourth pot! The smell is gorgeous; mint
is perfect for your feet! It comes in at £9 but I use this on my feet every day
and it lasts me about four months so I definitely get my money’s worth. I like
the consistency of this cream; it’s thick and really does smooth out your feet.
I use a foot file once a week to get rid of hard skin and then this cream every
VO5 Refresh Me Quick
Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo is definitely a product I love. There are so
many brands that have introduced their take on it (it used to feel like there
was only Batiste on the market!) and I have tried quite a few. The VO5 one I really really like! The smell is
gorgeous, very fruity indeed! I pick mine up from Boots for around £4-5 for a
200ml can which is very reasonable. I find with this one, I don’t get lots of
white product left on my hair and it doesn’t feel like I have caked my hair in
lots of product. 
Smells good, doesn’t make me look grey and does the job.
Clinique Liquid
Facial Soap
I first bought the introductory 3 step kit (£20) which
contained three mini products (the soap, toner and moisturiser) as I hadn’t tried
Clinique before so wanted to test them out without paying a hefty price tag for
all three.  These minis have lasted so
well considering I use them twice a day. I would definitely recommend if you
are new to Clinique or you travel a lot.
I really liked the facial soap and it was the first to run
out so I bought the 200ml bottle for around £15. It is very gentle and doesn’t
have a fragrance.
I like using this and have worked it into my skincare
routine for a few months now. It feels like it cleans my skin in a gentle way –
I haven’t had any reactions at all.
So there you have it, three products finished, three
products repurchased.
What are your favourite
products to buy time and time again?
sheworechic (28th
July 2014) xx

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