The fashion buy…

Have you
ever had that dilemma of wondering whether you are buying something because you
really like it and can see yourself wearing a lot, or because it’s seriously on
trend and you feel impelled to buy it considering you have seen it in every
fashion magazine?
Well I get this sometimes and unfortunately the buys don’t always last
and I have the realisation that in fact I got caught up with fashion and bought
something because it was in trend, not because it suited me or was actually
something I would buy.


happened recently and I am still deciding which category it falls in to.
These sandals from H&M are not at all what I
would usually buy however the Birkenstock sandal seems to be
making a bit of a fashion reappearance and so instead of spending around £60 on a pair that I was still unsure
of, I thought I would opt for these black sandals from H&M at a bargain £14.99.
So far so good, they are comfy and I still like them!
Ways to
With boyfriends
jeans, an oversized jumper and pair of shades for a cool off duty look.
With a
pencil skirt and white shirt for the city chic office look.
With sorts
and a baggy t-shirt, perfect for the beach or a city break.
Straight cut
trousers and an oversized shirt for a casual lunch.
What do you
think? Fashion buy or sensible purchase?
sheworechic (3rd June 2014) xx

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