How to wear shorts for work

Summertime is here
and that can make dressing for work seriously difficult.
The weeks when we

are lucky enough to have sweltering heat, the last thing you feel like doing is
wearing trousers to work. Getting the
balance between dressing for the weather and dressing appropriately for your
working environment can be tough.
No one wants to see what underwear you

are wearing or those bits of your legs you haven’t quite got round to shaving
So when it comes to wearing shorts for the workplace I think
it can be done, just in the right way.
Things to remember:
Very important. Keep it professional. Distressed denim shorts that show your
booty are not necessary. Go for a chic tailored look with length just above the
Colour –
Again dressing for work means not all colours and prints will be appropriate,
you don’t want to be seen half way down the corridor due to your luminous neon
Fabric –
Remember when you are at work you may be sitting at a desk for long periods or
running around moving all over the place. Avoid fabrics that crease easily such
as linen, or those which are a little too see-through for the office. If you
are moving from one place to the next opt for fabric which moves easily without
the terror of ripping a hole down the middle during that quick bend over.
Balance –
If you are showing off your legs keep your top half covered with a blazer,
jumper, cardigan or high neck shirt. If you are bigger on bottom keep to dark, matte colours so the focus is on your upper body half.


Here are some shorts I
have found which are great as an alternative to the trouser or skirt when
things heat up. 
Perkins Navy Flatfront Culotte Shorts £20
Wear with…
sheworechic (10th June 2014) xx

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