Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Take Two

I recently picked up
my first lipstick from this range and I absolutely love it!
I followed the

blogger hype and this time it paid off and since then I have been recommending
these lipsticks to anyone who will listen!
You can read my post
about my first Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick here.


This time I picked it up in ‘Hot Pepper’, a shade that caught my eye initially and I tried to
hold off as long as I could before buying another… It was made easier by the fact
that Boots had an offer of two for £14 on all Bourjois products.
This shade is a
bright post box red and it’s gorgeous!
I am so happy I picked it up. The

benefits are the same as I what I mentioned in my first post – it lasts, I feel nothing on my lips and the
colours are amazing. Plus at £8.99 it’s affordable too. 
With flash


So there you have it my second from this range, and with a
few more shades catching my eye, don’t be surprised if another of these posts
pops up again soon….
sheworechic (24th
June 2014) xx

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