The Body Shop Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser

I currently use the facial moisturiser
from this range

I absolutely love it so thought I would give the cleanser a go too! The range is targeted for combination/oily
and for me it works really well. It is light, fresh and smells amazing

(not what I was expecting I’ll be honest!).
The cleanser is very quick and easy
to use however I only use it to remove my foundation as it does not say
anywhere that it is suitable for your eyes.
The Body Shop also
sell eye makeup remover so you can always combine this one with another


How to use:
1.      As I said it’s really easy! Squirt a
little of the cleanser (a little goes a long way) on to your fingers and
massage it in to your face.
2.      Then to remove, wipe all over with a
cotton wool pad. You don’t even need to rinse your face afterwards! Easy peesy. 


the cotton wool pad ensures you get all of the makeup off as you can see
everything you are removing on the pad.
Why I like:
is easy to use, it smells amazing and it is very light and fresh on my skin. On
the bottle it states ‘Light, fresh
lotion for soft, clean skin’
and for me this product does exactly what it

says on the bottle. The only downside is not being sure if I can use on my
would definitely recommend giving this range a try if you have combination/oily
skin. Also in the range are the clay
mask, facial wash, toner and pore perfector so something for everyone!
See the full range here.
sheworechic (17th
April 2014) xx

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