Step into spring? Well only if Mother Nature allows it…

My very own Easter bunny, Starsky!

So April has begun, the clocks went
forward at the weekend (boo to the hour of sleep we lost!) and British summer
time has officially begun. Well sort of.
Like many of
you I still have little spots of snow outside my front door and am facing the
wind and freezing temperatures only when absolutely necessary! Spring is
definitely taking a little longer that we had hoped to show its face, hence why
this post may feel a little late!
So bang goes
a lovely spring time post showcasing my choice of outfits and beauty products
for spring and a chance to finally leave the scarf and gloves at home and to chance
it in just a coat….
I haven’t been donning the spring time look yet; I am still very much in my
winter wardrobe. BUT when spring finally does decide to show its face (come on
we know you want to!) here are a few of the trends I shall be making use of!
Pastel nails – always a hit every spring, you
can’t go wrong with the fabulous shades from Models Own.
Jackets – yes that’s right I said
jackets, not coats. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we all know that in
British spring and even summer, a jacket always needs to stay close by. I am
happy about this as I received some gorgeous jackets for Christmas and am desperate
to put the winter coat away and swop for these beauties.
Sheer scarves – I could never go through each
season without my trusty scarves; I love them. But I shall be ditching the
thick, oversized one for a pretty, sheer, patterned number.
Pumps – I absolutely love a pair of
pumps; I practically live in them when the weather is right. I do love to wear
heels but I am not one of those girls that can wear them constantly; especially
not every day for work. A cute pair of pumps seem to go with the majority of
outfits perfectly and I would definitely recommend if they aren’t you usual
footwear choice.  
Make up in particular needs to
stay subtle
and not
over done for spring. Less is more and a fresh faced look is always a winner.
So keep it simple:
I am a fan
of lip butters as they moisturise
whilst coating your lips in a gorgeous colour. Try L’Oreal or Revlon.
Blusher – pink or peach always works
well. I am still obsessed with my Mac blusher which I bought in New York two
years ago! Avoid bronzer – you don’t want an over the top tanned look.
A good
quality mascara that is right for
YOUR lashes. There are many types of mascara on the high street at a range of
prices all offering to dramatically enhance your lashes. Just make sure you
find the right one for you. How much do you want to pay? Which colour suits
best? Do you need thickening mascara or perhaps a lengthening one?
For me, a
quick application of each of these three products is enough for a fresh faced,
less is more look.
Now by no
means is this a must do list, this is just what works for me. Yes at times I
will use more or less products than described above depending on the occasion,
but this is a good start for those that don’t want to spend hours on a morning
doing their face (longer in bed is far more appealing…) and to just add a pop
of colour to their appearance as let’s face it, with the length of British
winters it can feel like you have been in hiding for months and your skin has
forgotten what sunlight and make up actually is!
So which
spring time looks and products are you waiting to showcase?
(2nd April 2013) xx

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