OOTD – Comfort and casual.

I know you will have seen me with
this bag on many a blog post but I absolutely love it
; a very good Primark buy indeed!
I like a bag which gives you options on how to wear it and across the shoulder
always comes in handy! Plus when it is worn this way it looks a little sportier
which I rather like!

The jumper is a new one from
, bought for
me as a birthday present from my lovely boyfriend who admitted he was a bit
unsure whether or not I would be a fan! But I definitely am; I don’t usually
wear these colours but it is a nice change and perfect for this time of year.
Lilacs and mint greens are really nice to wear around
spring and this jumper is a perfect way of doing it.
My boots are also a birthday present
from the boyfriend which I may have slightly nagged him about
…. But they really are a necessity!
J H&M again, and I am rather attached
sheworechic (24th
April 2013) xx

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