MAC Lipstick Cremesheen in ‘Crème D’Nude B92’.

You may have
noticed I have a slight obsession with lipsticks lately
, especially the lip
butters; my collection has significantly grown!
I have some
gorgeous colours in my collection but I was in need of a nude colour; something
simple to go with anything at any time. So I popped into MAC as I think one
thing can always be safely said about them; they have a really great range of
shades to choose from
, perfect if you are after something in particular as you
have so much choice.
So I opted
for Crème D’Nude
; it has a lovely texture and the colour was what I was looking
for. I admit sometimes I find nude shades harder to apply than brighter colours
as sometimes the colour doesn’t spread as easily so I did have to spend more
time and attention when applying this one! 
A good nude
shade can be hard to get right
as it has to go with your skin tone and you don’t
want to run the risk of applying one which is far too light and makes you
appear ghost like!
So far so
good with this one
; I like the colour and it does what I wanted! MAC always
seems to have a really creamy texture to their lipsticks which help your lips
to feel moisturised; sticky lipstick is a big no no….
Which are
your perfect nude shades for your lips?
(26th April 2013) xx

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