L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick

I really felt the
need to write this blog post as I believe I may have finally found the perfect
lipstick; one that actually does coat your lips in a luscious colour but also
gives them the moisture and protection that they really need.

I chose ‘dating coral’ from L’Oreal’s Rouge Caresse Lipstick range, which isn’t
a colour I would usually opt for but it goes well with my skin tone and is
perfect for spring. 

It feels nice on my
lips, not sticky and gloopy like some can be and the fact that it also
moisturises is a perfect bonus for me as I suffer from dry lips very

I am really happy with this lipstick and will definitely be buying more! The
perfect companion for spring/summer (whenever it decides to arrive….). A
colour I wouldn’t have picked up usually but very glad I did! 

A gorgeous product which does the job
perfectly; I would definitely recommend.
Which are your perfect lipsticks?
sheworechic (10th February
2013) xx

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