Holidays are coming….

So the
Christmas season is finally upon us and the 12 days of Christmas countdown is
in full swing! Many of you are donning your glad rags for the office Christmas
party and I am no different, except this year it’s not just a party, it’s a
Winter ball! Yes very posh I know!
So obviously
I needed a new outfit for this occasion and wanted to get something that would
put me in the Christmas spirit and boy did I find it.
Now prepare
yourselves because I think these are possibly the MOST AMAZING shoes EVER and
they couldn’t be more Christmassy if they tried; it was love at first sight.
Ta da……!

The beauties
are from Next at a cost of £38 which is rather reasonable. They are also
surprisingly comfy too! 
They were
exactly what I was looking for and I can wear them with a variety of outfits
whether it is dresses, jeans or shorts. I am so happy with these that they must
be one of my best purchases of 2012 (there are far too many to remember to make
a concise list….)

Find them at×50 

So what are
you wearing for your Christmas party??
(19th December 2012) xx

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