The Wedding Guest Outfit no.2

My flower hair clip
Primark quilted clutch
Oversized ring
Black, bow heels
I know I posted a wedding guest blog a couple of months ago but I
have been lucky enough to attend another wedding; one of my best friends from
university has taken the plunge and was the first one of us to walk down that
The day was great, she looked amazing and I was lucky enough to be
asked to do a reading (readings and attending friend’s weddings = feeling very
grown up….). It was a great little reunion and was very happy that my best
friend from New York made it over too!
I wanted to go for something simple and elegant for my dress and
thankfully I didn’t have to raid my bank account to do so. I will again
emphasise the point I made last time; it is not ok to wear white (unless you
are the bride obviously). You don’t want those glares if by some horrific
chance you end up wearing similar outfits….. that is never good.
I re-used a dress I bought last year for a dinner at Claridges; I
have only worn it once and it is one of my favourites so thought it was the
best choice for the day. I purchased it from Warehouse and it is definitely one
of those dresses that looks a lot better on you than on the hanger.
I love this dress as it shows off my waist, has a cute sweetheart
neckline and is a gorgeous colour; to me it has a bit of an Audrey Hepburn feel
to it.  
There is a mesh skirt underneath the bottom half to fan it out a
little more, the only thing to be careful with is the pleats tend to get a bit
messy after sitting around for a while so you may have to re-adjust them.
I teamed it with my black, bow heels which I have also only worn a
couple of times and my trusty clutch bag from Primark which I picked up for £3!
I didn’t have to buy anything new for my outfit; a true show of willpower I
A little cream flower clip in my hair just added detail to my
outfit as otherwise it can be quite plain, and a couple of bracelets, a
necklace and oversized ring.
So there you have it – wedding outfit number two.
What are your wedding outfit must haves? Do you buy new for each
sheworechic (14th September 2012) xx

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