Holiday Essentials.

Well considering we didn’t have much of a summer and the current
weather is far from cheerful and bright; I thought I would try to add a little
sunshine through my recent holiday outfits. Or possibly you are lucky enough to
be going on a winter sun holiday and need a little inspiration!
My must haves are always a couple of bikinis (one plain, one
patterned), maxi dresses, a maxi skirt, practical pair of shorts, and some
gladiator sandals. I like to make the most of not having to wear a coat when on
a summer holiday (unless you’re really unlucky….) and enjoy putting different
outfits together that I don’t usually get the chance to wear.
As you can see I tend to opt for maxi dresses and sandals in the
evening, a shorter dress or shorts in the day and a comfortable yet stylish
outfit for travel.
Picking what to wear to travel in can be a battle at times; I
never know and it always takes me ages! Do I go for the ‘be freezing cold in
England whilst waiting for the plane or getting back off it on my return?’ OR
do I go for the ‘be boiling hot in Spain wearing jeans and a cardigan?’ Tricky
I know.
This time I went for my lovely jumpsuit that I picked up in
Bruges. I love the pattern and I got three compliments when I wore this to
leave for my holidays so that can’t be bad! Plus I always wear my wedges on the
way there to help with the weight of my suitcase….
Have a look at mine and see what you think. What are your holiday
wardrobe essentials? 
My Travel outfit

Topshop dress

sheworechic (26th September 2012) xx

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